Stage 5

Precision Performance And Coatings


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Stage 5 (BILLET BLOCK, billet 3.8L/4.1L crankshaft, 2,000hp+/1,500tq rating, 60 PSI+ boost)

$65,000 (Key upgrades: rated for methanol, fully built cylinder heads with race port, larger camshafts, 300M rods,  fire ringed shortblock, billet block)


  • Disassemble and assemble long block
  • Disassemble and inspect cylinder heads  
  • Race port/polish of cylinder heads
  • Install GSC High-Rev Beehive Spring and Retainer Kit (10,000 rpm rating)
  • Install GSC S4M Methanol camshafts
  • Install GSC valve stem seals
  • Install GSC +1mm Exhaust and Intake Valves  
  • Install GSC Bronze Valve Guides
  • Billet 3.8L/4.1L polished crankshaft assembly (customer's choice)
  • Balance billet 3.8L/4.1L crankshaft assembly
  • Wash all parts for assembly
  • Pin fit of new rods and pistons
  • Assembly 3.8/4.1 billet long block, setup for high boost application  
  • Billet block assembly with integrated upgraded main caps
  • Manley 300M I beam rods (2,000hp rating) 
  • Diamond PPC spec custom 10:1 piston set with Trend .250 upgraded wrist pins with DLC coating (2,000hp rating)
  • Upgraded main cap hardware
  • ARP 625 Head Stud set 
  • Cylinder head re-enforcement modifications
  • Fire ring shortblock assembly (machine block), custom for billet block
  • Athena headgasket set for fire rings, custom for billet block
  • OEM timing components (NEW) 
  • OEM oil pump assembly (NEW)  
  • OEM VVT camshaft gears (2) (NEW)  
  • OEM water pump  
  • OEM Engine gasket set
  • Dodson Front Cover oil passage gasket kit
  • Aftermarket main/rod bearings, custom fit 
  • ATI Crank Damper with custom ARP crank bolt
  • Boost Logic Deep oil pan (1.5qt capacity) 
  • Powder coated engine timing/valve covers
  • (Note, build is completed using customer's existing engine in good working condition)