Ecutek Programming Kit (GTR)

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An ECU Connect Retail Programming Kit functions in exactly the same way as the Retail Programming Kit, enabling end-users to flash in a tune file. In addition, it also provides the additional features of ECU Connect when combined with the free ECU Connect app and offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Also allows EcuTek Tuners to remotely tune customer vehicles. The Tuner supplies suitable ROM files to the vehicle owner. The customer can use the kit to program these ROM files into their own car. If any fine-tuning is required, the customer can data log the car and send these logs to their EcuTek Tuner.


Each kit consists of:

  • 1 × ECU Connect Vehicle Interface
  • 1 × Hardware license key (dongle)
  • 1 × Mini USB cable


Each ECU programmed will require a Flash Fee consisting of a number of Flash Points, which is supplied along with your ROM files by your chosen EcuTek Master Tuner.